GnuCash Finance Quote Fix

By | October 11, 2016

I use GnuCash to track my finances. It has a steep learning curve, if you are not an accountant who knows double entry, but gives a lot of control and is opensource.

I use the automatic stock price updater for the cents I have in savings but alas being South African I found the module in Perl Finance-Quote broke shortly after I started using it. I create a fix and that was that. Not being a Perl guy I did not feel comfortable to submit it to anywhere or even really attempted to figure out where.

It has been a while and no one else submitted a fix so I submitted my fix.

For now the way I do it is install GnuCash, Strawberry Perl and Finance Quote. Then I replace the relevant files in ‘Path\to\perl\site\lib\Finance\Quote’ with my own and then it works.

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