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Asynchronous PowerShell Profile Loading

This script is meant to go in your PowerShell $PROFILE (\Documents\WindowsPowerShell\Microsoft.PowerShell_profile.ps1) file. It loads the profile in a non blocking fashion allowing long running scripts like this quotation one to work and still enabling access to use PowerShell while it is being loaded in the background. Cross dependent scripts can’t be loaded using this as… Read More »

Install Arch-linux on Raspberry Pi From Windows

The Needs Raspberry Pi 3 Memory Card USB Drive Power A screen A Keyboard Internet The Downloads Download older image from Raspberry Pi archive Latest available is Latest root file system from on windows you need both. Alternatively this is just the boot sector from an image that works Download 7-zip… Read More »

GnuCash Finance Quote Fix

I use GnuCash to track my finances. It has a steep learning curve, if you are not an accountant who knows double entry, but gives a lot of control and is opensource. I use the automatic stock price updater for the cents I have in savings but alas being South African I found the… Read More »